White Flag



I surrender.

Whatever it is, I admit defeat and am happy to shut the door on this week. I am writing this as I listen to my two year old scream upstairs, a sign that my husband is not having an easy time getting him down for his nap.

Oy, what a week. It’s been a week of missed naps, frequent wake-ups, and a whole lot of attitude all around. One where I have had to grit my teeth, keep going, take many (many) deep breaths, and choose to laugh instead of cry.

This, too, shall pass.

I’m trying to focus on the good. The moments that stood out above all else. And there were some, so instead of dwelling on the negative I am opting now to highlight the positive.

I made beautiful fondant flowers in my cake decorating class:


There have been many sweet sibling moments, like this one:


And my sweet Greta fell asleep like this last night (and in her brother’s old dinosaur pajamas):


Also, she’s so close to rolling over. She almost did it last night (while I was in the kitchen… ran out just in time to see her almost get there, only to flop back over) and then she rolled over as we snuggled in bed, but I don’t think that quite counted. But soon. Much later than Grant did, but that’s okay, too.

Fingers are crossed that a certain little boy falls asleep soon (he’s overly tired from lack of sleep last night) and that the rest of this weekend is a good one. Otherwise, coffee and wine. Coffee. And. Wine.


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