DIY Stuffed Animal Storage – A Stuffed Animal Sling

I am not big on stuffed animals. But people tend to buy them for kids (especially babies). And I’ll admit to buying a few. And some of the ones that we have are sentimental items. I limit them to a reasonable amount, as we are doing our best to not have excessive amounts of toys.

Stuffed animals can easily take over. Last month I decided we needed something to wrangle the kids’ stuffed animals, but I wasn’t too impressed with the options out there. Even Pinterest failed me (sad face).

I wanted something like a stuffed animal net (like we had as kids) but I wanted it to look nicer. I was putting my daughter in her ring sling a few weeks ago when the idea hit me. A “sling” would be perfect!

I reached into my own closet for the perfect material: scarves. No, not the winter ones (although I imagine some of those might work as well). I mean the pretty ones that you use to spruce up an outfit. I have a modest collection of them. I like to wear them occasionally to brighten up my rather boring wardrobe (or to hide my now sagging breasts).

The solution is a simple one. Knot each end around a plastic shower curtain ring (found for around $1/pack), and latch those onto hooks mounted onto the wall (I used those 3M/Command types). When putting it together, you want it to create a bit of a pocket for the stuffed animals… much like a baby in a sling. πŸ™‚

My son’s animals:


My daughter’s animals:


What’s nice about this solution is that scarves are easy to find, often on clearance (so a few bucks at Target), and you can match them to the decor or color scheme in your child’s room. Or (as in my case) you might already have some in your closet. I found the gauzier, stretchier ones work best as they have a bit more “give” and make an easier pocket for them to go inside of.

An added benefit (in my opinion) is that only a limited number of stuffed animals will fit. If you’re like me and aren’t a huge fan of the little buggers, and/or are trying to be more minimal, this is a much better solution than the nets or other ideas I have seen that allow for a LOT of stuffed animals.

Disclaimer: Be careful about where you put these. These could present a choking or strangulation hazard, so make sure they are out of reach of small children or kids who may handle them in an unsafe way. This is just my own personal idea that is working for our family, so use your best judgment about the material you use and how you go about this! I put the one in our youngest child’s room up high and out of reach just to be safe.

4 thoughts on “DIY Stuffed Animal Storage – A Stuffed Animal Sling

  1. This is a great idea! And totally agree about having just a few of these toys. My question is how did you hang it into the wall? Did you use nails or self adhesive products?

    • Thank you! I used those Command Hooks that have the adhesive that you can pull off without damaging the wall. However, I will say that they did not hold up, but I think that’s because I didn’t use ones that held enough weight (I used ones that I already had on hand). We had to rearrange my son’s room a bit when we got him a bigger bed, so right now his stuffed animals are just in a toy box. I plan on buying better Command hooks and looping/knotting the scarves directly to them. We have a lot of plaster walls (old house), so we usually only screw into the wall if it’s something very heavy or important. πŸ˜‰

  2. I was one of those kids that had way too many stuffed animals! I played “school” with them where I was the teacher and they were my students. My mom hung a huge peg board in my room and tied pretty ribbon around the necks. It was easy for me to get them down AND put them away. I still haven’t seen a better a solution to the mountain of stuffed animals that children seem to acquire throughout the years. Now a mom myself, I feel the same way you do about having too many but we also have quite a few that hold sentimental value. I love the scarf idea and seeing as how I have quite a few scarves laying around the house, I will definitely be using this idea to corral all of my daughter’s “friends”. Just thought I would share the peg board idea though! Maybe someone can run with the idea. Loving your blog!

    • Thank you so much! I think I need to utilize peg boards in our life. We plan on buying a new house in the next few years so I need to remember ideas like that (and some of the others I’ve seen around the internet and on Pinterest that use them). Good luck with the scarves and I hope they work out for you. I need to hang up better hooks for mine… and purge a few more stuffed animals, because somehow they keep sneaking in. πŸ˜‰

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