DIY Fabric/Denim Roads – $0 project!

Alright, Pinterest haters, here’s another project I found on there. This was timely and cost me absolutely nothing, unless about a half hour of my time actually has a monetary value. I’m guessing not, though, since I get paid for my job as a stay at home mom in dirty diapers and lots of laundry.

Anyhow, it was timely because two things happened this week: I needed shorts so I cut off a pair of my jeans to make them, and my son has a sudden interest in all things cars/trucks.

I had pinned this on Pinterest a long time ago, and noticed it again while I was looking through birthday party ideas a few days ago. Please check out the original post and idea from lil Mop Top on “Easy Fabric Roads“!

My son got some Matchbox trucks for his birthday yesterday (he is very in love with firetrucks, as well as ambulances and police cars… but especially firetrucks). I bought him the exact same pack that my mom picked out for him (it’s what he wanted when we went there yesterday morning), so last night we returned them to get something new. We ended up with a small section of a wooden train and a wooden police car.

Today I decided to use up those denim jean calves (I guess that’s what you’d call it? lower extremities? whatevs) to make this for his new found car/truck love. I was starting to think we were bypassing that stage, but apparently it really is in their genes. Or jeans. Har har.

This took me maybe a half hour. I already had the acrylic paint on hand from my peg doll projects, but if you had to buy it you can find it for under $1 at a craft store. I used the inside of the jeans for the surface instead of the outer bluer part. So glad I didn’t toss those legs! Yay for free projects.

Ta da:


I decided that this would be a quick project and I wouldn’t obsess and try to make it all perfect (i.e., no measuring, drawing lines, etc.). I just winged it. I may trim up some of the pieces because two stretches of road are wider than the others, but other than that I didn’t try too hard. I especially liked the original blogger’s idea of making the intersection, which makes it easy to spread the track out and go different ways.

I still need to figure out how I want to store it, probably in a pouch of some sort in the bin with the cars and trucks. But what a great, easy project to use up something that would have otherwise just gone to waste.


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