Fall is in the air…

The calendar may say otherwise, but fall is here. Pumpkin everything. Hoodies. Cool weather. In our area the leaves are already starting to change color (and, gasp, some have already fallen).

This is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. I sure wish it lasted longer, though. Winter will be here before we know it. But until then, we will enjoy it.

I feel very nostalgic during these months. It must be that whole season of change idea. It’s hard to say goodbye to summer and all of the memories they always bring (especially with two summer babies… that’s a lot of pregnancy, babies, birthday parties, and adaptation over the last four summers). My husband and I also got married on Halloween, and our son is a wedding baby. It’s just a special time of year for us.

I feel many mixes of feelings as we bid summer farewell and look forward. I feel sad that summer is behind us. I feel optimistic about life and the things ahead. I feel excited about the fun things that fall brings us (Halloween, costume making, a trip to the corn maze). I feel anxious about the holiday season (a good anxious, of course). And, if I’m being honest, it’s hard not to feel a bit of dread about winter’s promise of a nasty visit.

I also feel a renewed energy in my writing. An energy I haven’t felt in years. I just need to find a way to make it a priority, look for the time in each day to work on my goals. I actually have IDEAS. I am working on a short story. I am working on a children’s book. I am going to restart my novel (again!) for NaNoWriMo, and this year I want to do a lot of planning ahead of time so I can finally be successful. I also have a NEW idea for a novel, although it still needs a lot more brainstorming before I’m ready to commit anything in writing… but it feels good to have new ideas and feel excited about something that has been leaving quite a void in my life. Writing has always been a way of life for me, and it fell by the wayside after having kids. No longer will that be “okay.”

Speaking of kids… mine continue to amaze me day in and day out. All challenges aside, they are just so lovely. We had a wedding this past weekend and had to spend about 4 hours in the car. They handled it wonderfully. They were charming and well behaved at the wedding. Our son danced and danced and danced.


I wore our one year old in a ring sling, and she was happy to hang out and dance with us and kicked her feet wildly while out on the dance floor. The extra snuggle time was much needed, for both of us.


I had one of those perfect moments while I was standing in the back of the room, against a wall, swaying along with her to a slow song. And I looked around at all of my family, and felt my daughter’s little body tight against me, and just felt this wave of peace and happiness. A moment where everything was perfect. Completely content and where all is right in the world.

Time is flying by. It is impossible to enjoy every second… let’s be honest, not all of those seconds or minutes or hours are worth enjoying. But I am doing my best to remember that we have such a brief time in each phase. These moments are fleeting. This, too, shall pass… both the bad and the good.


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